Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just a Little Batting

You know how you can go into a grocery store for one item and come out with a whole bag or two? That's what happened yesterday when I went to pick up some batting at Quilting Bits and Pieces.

I've had an embroidery pattern for a little while that I wanted to get started when I have some time this summer (car trips, waiting during swim lessons, etc). Everyone at the quilt shop is so nice and Nan helped me pick out the background fabric I needed. She suggested I decide on the red fabric I wanted to use so I could match my thread color. I picked out these Rouenneries fabrics by French General for Moda. I've had my eye on them didn't know where I'd use them. They are so beautiful and of course there wasn't much left on the bolt so I went ahead and bought what I needed for the quilt top. I'm set now with yet another project.

I need to stop now. Seriously. Especially after I ordered some scrap packs from Etsy yesterday. Okay, definitely finished for a good long while! I've got so many projects in the line up but I'm enjoying it so much!

Anyone else have a project they are working on specifically for the summer? 

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