Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Night Sewing

There was a time when Friday night meant dinner out with friends, maybe a movie or a gallery exhibit afterwards. I still get that sense of anticipation on Friday afternoons and we considered taking Jenna to a photography exhibit this evening but the reality is that Jenna's exhausted from her first full wonderful week of school so were taking it easy with a family movie night.
Bloom Strong Binding

Which means I am determined to finish the binding on this quilt tonight while Rio entertains us all. I'm declaring it to the world so I can deliver this gift before the my friend's sweet girl graduates from college! Well, she's only seven months old, but good grief, this quilt isn't that difficult.
Basic Grey Grunge Fabrics

I'm in love with Basic Grey's Christmas fabrics. I've been collecting pieces for quite awhile now to make a particular quilt. I think I have enough fabric now for three quilts and just added these Grunge solids to the collection. So I'd better get cutting if I want to enjoy them this Christmas.

So that's what this mom is doing on a wild and crazy Friday night. The good new is, I actually have a REAL date with my husband lined up for this weekend and next weekend too. I can't wait! We might be making this a habit ;)

I'd love to hear what you're all up to this weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rogue Crocheters

Fence Flowers

We were in Colorado twice this summer and we usually drive right on through Denver to get to the mountains. Then we stay in the mountains until the last possible minute and then zoom right on through again. This time, however, we planned a day in Denver. I'd been wanting to go to the Tattered Cover and my husband is a big REI fan. We explored a good part of downtown on foot. As we were walking around I came upon this fence. It stopped me in my tracks! Such a wonderful surprise!
Constuction Garden

It goes on forever! I'm usually on the hunt to snap photos of architectural features so it was quite a shock to see such lovely softness in contrast to a noisy construction site.
Crochet Close Up

Here's a Denver Post article about the "rouge crocheters" that I'll read later today (I'm off to pick up Jenna from school). I can't wait to find out how many crocheters were involved and how they got started with this project.

Makes me wonder what rogue quilting would look like :)

ETA: Here's a video of the the women installing the flowers.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wrapping Up the Summer

Dresden Plate

Hello! I'm finally getting a chance to sit down at the computer and look through some pictures from the summer. It was a a whirlwind and now I'm trying to get caught up at home. The list seems endless but I'm making some headway. My sewing room is next. I don't even know where to start in there. I've been sewing in the bedroom to escape the chaos!

I have a few things to show you from this summer and thought I'd start with this Dresden Plate. After teaching the hexagon class at Mountain Stitches, my mom taught me how to use the ruler and stitch these up. She got me started and I finished it up while I was there. I'm such a visual learner and she made it look so easy. And it was!
Dresden Close

I used invisible thread for the first time to applique it onto the background. I definitely see more of these in my future.
1st Day

And here's my sweet girl on her first day of kindergarten! How did five years go by so quickly? She loves school so far but is incredibly tired every night. We are still transitioning with half days but she has already asked why she has to go every day. Preschool had us spoiled. Play time and exploring time is limited now but she's excited to see her friends at school and is enjoying the new experiences there. Full days are coming soon and I'll miss her so much!

I remember when she wasn't quite a year old and we were attending our first year of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers), she had terrible separation anxiety. It was so difficult but we worked through it and the whole time I kept thinking the reward and goal would be for her not to be screaming down the hall trying to escape kindergarten like some of the new children at the school where I taught. Well she LOVED MOPS the second year (and beyond) and she was confident enough to tell my husband and I that we didn't need to walk her into school her first day. (We did anyway :) ) YAY!


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