Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rogue Crocheters

Fence Flowers

We were in Colorado twice this summer and we usually drive right on through Denver to get to the mountains. Then we stay in the mountains until the last possible minute and then zoom right on through again. This time, however, we planned a day in Denver. I'd been wanting to go to the Tattered Cover and my husband is a big REI fan. We explored a good part of downtown on foot. As we were walking around I came upon this fence. It stopped me in my tracks! Such a wonderful surprise!
Constuction Garden

It goes on forever! I'm usually on the hunt to snap photos of architectural features so it was quite a shock to see such lovely softness in contrast to a noisy construction site.
Crochet Close Up

Here's a Denver Post article about the "rouge crocheters" that I'll read later today (I'm off to pick up Jenna from school). I can't wait to find out how many crocheters were involved and how they got started with this project.

Makes me wonder what rogue quilting would look like :)

ETA: Here's a video of the the women installing the flowers.


annmarie said...

How very cool! Thanks for sharing. I don't see the link to the article though. - I'd like to read it.

Kristy said...

How interesting and wonderful! And so pretty too!

georgie said...

Wow how lovely and unusual too!

randi said...

is saw this one your flickr and thought it might be denver! i just love this fence. so pretty in the midst of all that work!


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