Monday, July 12, 2010

Itty Bitty Block

It's been an amazing summer so far, full of fun but very little sewing. I've been hand piecing this little block in between our adventures:

  • Thomas the Train
  • swimming lessons
  • a milestone wedding anniversary

  • A much needed time away together as a family in Colorado
  • fabulous library programs
  • growing tomatoes and basil 

  • A little camping, hiking, and biking
  • playdates
  • visiting the farmers market
  • watching some fun movies at the theater
  • exploring 
  • making pesto for the freezer

It's all going by so fast but then it seems like time speeds by faster than I can take it all in since my daughter was born. This is our 5th summer together and I try to treasure every minute because I know that every summer brings something new and next year just won't be the same.

We are off on another trip soon to see my family in Tennessee. We can't wait to see everyone! My girl has been talking about her Papa taking her fishing, her G.G. teaching her to sew, and playing with her cousin. 

I imagine the blog will be quiet for a bit until we can slow down in August and just hang out at home for a while. 

And this is totally random but I had to snap a picture of this bag another mom had at the library. "She is too fond of books and it has addled her brain." Louisa May Alcott
Love it! 

A couple of dear friends who are book lovers have passed on stacks and stacks of books and I am slowly making my way through them. I just love a good story! 

Are you reading anything fun this summer?


Shea said...

I loved this post! I think it's funny that my daughter also calls MY parents by Papa and GiGi! Enjoy your summer!

Meg said...

I read much more in the summer, and sew more in the winter months. It's too hot here in CT to do much sewing. This summer, I've been reading the Steig Larsson books (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc.), and am on book 3--they are excellent! I've read Alison Weir's new book, Captive Queen, about Eleanor of Aquitaine, also very good. And to keep things light, the new Jen Lancaster book--she's so much fun.

But I'm looking forward to the cool of autumn and the ability to get caught up a bit in my sewing room!

Melissa said...

That's so funny Meg! It's been over 100 degrees for a while now here in KS and I am hand binding a queen size quilt. My husband just looked at me and laughed. "Isn't that something you'd want to do in the winter?"

I have the Dragon Tattoo books stacked by my bed but haven't gotten to them yet. I'm reading Heretic's Daughter right now and finding it interesting. I'll have to check out the other's you've suggested.

Shea, hope you are enjoying your summer too! It was great seeing you tonight.


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