Monday, August 26, 2013

Six Months Later

A long while ago I wrote about planning a trip QuiltCon and hoping I didn't get snowed in. Well, we got hit with two snowstorms. My flights were canceled. I was pretty sad!
KCMQG friends saved the weekend for me and I had so much fun sewing with them in downtown Kansas City at what will always be known as QuiltNon. I hand stitched binding and chatted all day while enjoying this fabulous view.

I got to help plan a weekend KCMQG retreat in April with Barbara and Douglas.
Learned a thing or two while sewing with friends.
Wonky cross block #kcmqgsr13
Including a Wonky Cross Block that Douglas demonstrated.
Less than two weeks left of summer to share with this kiddo. I've enjoyed all this time with her and I'm a little sad to send her back to school. But excited for her at the same time. #latergram
Had lots of fun with this wonderful girl this summer.
Visited Charleston to celebrate a girlfriend's birthday. The road is sooooo close to the barn! I see this everywhere here.
Spent some precious time with my family in Tennessee. upload
Soaked up as much mountain sunshine as possible. So this is happening!
Found a fabric shop in Denver. The Fancy Tiger said I had to check out Fabric Bliss. So I did! Much smaller but still pretty great. #patienthusband both times I bribed him with a coffee shop close by and they were disappointing.
Or two!
Tonight's sunset.
Camped a few weekends. Enjoying the lake view while I stitch. Lots of sailboats out this morning.
I even started a new cross stitch pattern to take with me while we camp.

And sometime this summer Google Reader ceased to exist and I started using Bloglovin. So far I like it even better than Reader.

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A new school year has begun and I always feel like it's the beginning of a new year. Even more so than in January. I love the beginning of fall! Mums made an appearance today at the entrance of the grocery store. And even though it's still in the 90's I'm starting to think about stew, pumpkin bars, applesauce, football games, golden aspen leaves in Colorado and red maples here in Kansas.

Is there anything in particular you're looking forward to this fall?

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