Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cherri House at KCMQG

I was so fortunate to hear Cherri House speak this month at KC Modern Quilt Guild. Cherri is such a genuine woman and her story of how her life has shaped her quilting was very moving. I picked up City Quilts the week before she came and got to know her quilt designs a little better. City Quilts focuses on solid fabrics and they are beautiful quilts. But I was just amazed at how vibrant they were in person. You'll notice City Green on the table. From a distance, all of the little squares look green. However, if you look closely, there are varying shades of blue and even some purples. Cherri's eye for color is just incredible. 

I've never worked with solids (besides white) and hearing her speak has opened my eyes to so many possibilities. Many of the guild members have been using solids and I love what I've been seeing during the show and tells. Isn't it wonderful what we can learn from each other. I can't get over how many talented people I'm sitting around every time a go to a Guild meeting! 

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