Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Table Topper

I have one more little Christmas item to show you. Another quilt that's been on the UFO pile for a good, long time. It was a UFO back in 2009 when I first blogged about the things that got me stuck. Then I finished the top and got stuck on how to quilt it. I passed it off to Angela sometime earlier this year to quilt and was so happy to sew the binding on over my Thanksgiving trip to Texas.

It's fun to look back and read what I was struggling with and how far I've come in the last couple of years of sewing. I remember picking out every piece of this fabric at Stitch On. I think it may have been the first project I chose individual fabrics off the bolt. I was so nervous!
The pattern is Christmas Cookie Crumb Catcher from Chickadee Hollow Designs. I decided to omit the applique and embroidery. The embroidery was what drew me into the pattern initially but when I was actually finishing the top I wasn't really interested in doing either. 
Christmas Table Back
I knew I wanted something interesting quilted into the center square which is really beyond my abilities at the moment. I think Angela did a beautiful job highlighting the center and I love all the loops in the different borders. 
I'll leave you with this picture of Jenna with her Gingerbread house. We've made a tradition of going to see the Gingerbread House display in Lawrence and then making our own. It's so much fun to work together on it. I pipe the icing and she places all of the candy. Teamwork!

Well, I'm off to to do some wrapping and laundry and work on one final present with Jenna since she's on Christmas Break now. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! 

P.S. Laurie is the winner of the Sleigh Bells Stockings Pattern. Thanks to everyone for playing along!

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