Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Scrappy Little Journal

Scrappy Journal

I've had this little moleskin journal floating around for while and I've been thinking about adding some strips of washi tape to add a little color. I rounded up my washi tape and then I thought of all the pretty fabric scraps that I have and started wishing I could find a quick easy way to use them instead. Hmmm? How to turn fabric into washi tape? I thought I'd seen someone online use double stick tape but of course it wasn't in my drawer. (Someone in my house loves to tape her art work up on random walls. And she's six. And the tape doesn't always make it back where it goes.)

Scrappy Journal

Then I remembered that I had some adhesive in my scrapbook supplies that might work well. It's strong, double sided and also comes in rolls with different widths available.

Ticker Tape Scraps

I headed to my bowl of ticker tape scraps and then to my bowl of selvages to pull out some colorful pieces.

Scrappy Journal

I peeled off one layer of the adhesive covering and arranged the scraps on two pieces.

Scrappy Journal

I flipped the adhesive over, fabric side down and trimmed the scraps with a rotary cutter and ruler. I was surprised at how easily the rotary blade went through the adhesive without gumming it up. I did use the cutter reserved for paper though. I didn't want to dull my sharp fabric blade.

Scrappy Journal

After I trimmed up the scraps, I played around to find a pleasing arrangement.

Scrappy Journal

And played a little more to see if everything would fit. I had to do a bit more trimming.

Scrappy Journal
I peeled the final layer of adhesive covering off and pressed all of the scraps into place.

Scrappy Journal
And there you have it! A journal decorated with fabric scraps! Once this little journal knows what it's destined for, I'll add some words and embellishments and fill it with great things.


teaginny said...

so clever and so cute!

Cynthia Nanto said...

What a great, great idea! I love it!

Casey said...

Such a great idea--I may have to make one of these for myself ;)


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