Monday, October 5, 2009

Quilting Retreat Projects

I thought I'd share a few photos of the quilts I worked on at the retreat. I started this one in Tennessee this summer when I went to visit my family. My mom cut a huge stack of these squares for me to sew together. The plan was for me to finish the top and then learn how to use the long arm quilting machine but I didn't quite finish. I had it chain stitched all in one direction and needed to finish stitching the other direction.

The way I pieced this went completely against how I normally do things. I like to lay everything out and rearrange until it's just right. But I picked up all the squares pretty randomly, just making sure I didn't have two of the same fabrics right next to each other. It sure made things come together quicker and I like the result but I don't think it broke me of the urge to plan.

I was very surprised when I showed my husband. He liked it quite a bit which is nice because it will be big enough for our queen size bed. So now it's ready to take to Tennessee in a few weeks and hopefully I'll get a chance to try the long arm.

I'll show you a few more projects over the next couple of days. They are all pretty simple but I think the fabrics are fun!

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