Saturday, December 11, 2010

Instead of Blogging...

and finishing this quilt....
Bloom Strong

I've been....

*visiting with my mom and dad 

*celebrating a big birthday

*cleaning my basement and sewing room

*having a fabulous Christmas Brunch with my MOPS friends

*helping a few families have a Merry Christmas

*putting on a puppet show for Jenna at the library

*watching Santa get rescued from the top of Weaver's Department Store

*having dinner and seeing the Christmas Lights on the Kansas City Plaza

Old Fashioned Parade

*watching the Old Fashioned Christmas Parade in Downtown Lawrence

*caroling and crafting with preschoolers

*viewing Gingerbread Houses (I want to live here!)

*sewing with my mom

*giving long arm quilting a try (and loving it!)

and enjoying every minute!

Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season too!


Katrina said...

I LOVE the quilt that you haven't been finishing! What fabrics are those?

Melissa said...

Hi Katrina,

They are all Verna by Kate Spain for Moda. I got them at Stitch On in early spring. I saw all the flowers and bright colors and after a cold snowy winter I had to have them. Jenna really wants this one but I'm worried it's a bit small for her. I was thinking for Kirsten's baby if it's a girl. We'll see...

Thank you!

Rachel Hauser said...

Sounds like time well spent! Thanks for your comment on my blog today =)


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