Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking Back


One last WIP for 2010! I put together some of the 6 inch blocks I made for Tia's quilt along to try out some long arm quilting. One of my friends offered to let a few of us try her long arm and it was so much fun. I was a bit intimidated and had no idea where to start but she was a very patient and encouraging teacher. So this is my first wobbly attempt at free motion quilting on something other than a scrap. That little taste has left me wanting more. Luckily, I have some birthday money left to spend on some a class to really get me started. 
House Quilt Back

Of course, it's the end of the year and I have to take a look back. I could tally up all of my finishes, WIP's, UFO's, swaps, purchases, gifts, donations, and blocks but that will never measure what a difference sewing, quilting and blogging has made in my life this year.

Joining the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild, attending a couple of retreats, and sewing with a small group has connected me with some great new friends that I've learned and laughed with. 

Quilting has strengthened my connection with my family. I've loved getting to sew and share ideas with my mom. My sister and I went to a quilt show together in Knoxville and learned to make hexagons with my mom. My daughter has cut and glued many scraps while I've sewn and even pulled my needle through fabric for me. My husband's aunt and cousin helped us document some family quilting history. My dad has shopped with my mom and I. I had to laugh the other day when I was on the phone with my sister. I could hear my niece yelling in the background "Fabric, mom, fabric!" Awesome memories.

I can't even begin to describe how much I've learned from blogs and Flickr. There are some very talented quilters out there and I am so grateful that they are sharing what they've learned and are inspiring so many with their wonderful creations.
Quilting has given me a sense of accomplishment and an outlet for some creativity. I've learned to let go of perfection and just jump in and try new things. I absolutely love that when I sew something together it usually stays that way (unlike clean dishes and laundry). And most of all, I love learning and I feel like I could live to be 100 and never learn everything I want too. Oh, and can I just add how much I enjoy looking at and working with all of the gorgeous fabric!

I hope this year has been just as wonderful for all of you!


Nikki said...

I love this post & feel exactly the same way!

Anonymous said...

are't you glad I sisn't quilt one of your blocks. it.


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