Friday, January 7, 2011

Special Scraps

The stomach bug finally got me Monday afternoon. I'm just so thankful we didn't all have it at the same time and that my wonderful husband could spend some time at home Tuesday so I could recuperate. I'm finally feeling perky today and trying to get caught up on things here at home. I was really bummed to miss out on meeting with my small quilt group but we have some exciting things coming up this year.
Scrap Bowls

I thought I'd share how I'm storing my "Special Scraps" at the moment. I purchased this shelf about 20 years ago and have always loved it. It was in my daughter's nursery when she was a baby and held her little board books. Her collection of books has expanded into a larger shelf in 4 years so this made it's way across the hall into my sewing room. It holds vintage bowls along with some pottery from Tennessee that I labeled with simple manila tags.

The top bowl is from Tennessee and holds Jenna's scraps that she can cut, glue, and create with. The middle bowl is from my mother-in-law's kitchen and holds scraps for a ticker tape quilt I hope to make someday. And the bottom bowl is from an antique store and holds selvages.

Ticker Tape Scraps
It's so easy to just sort these small scraps into an open container as I cut or clean up from a project. We'll see what I do when the bowls get full. I imagine I will just empty out the bowl into a larger container and keep using the bowl to collect scraps. I still have a bit of organizing to do in that closet. All in good time.... 

Are you collecting scraps for anything special? 


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