Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cozy Mornings

Seeing {Pink} Squares
Just as I'd hoped, Jenna is using her quilt to cozy up in the morning while I make breakfast. She always watches a cartoon and usually has one of her stuffed friends with her.

Even better, we got to cuddle under it together last night while we watched a Friday night movie.

I love seeing it folded up across the chair during the day, and even when it's rumpled up on the sofa or floor by evening. It's used and loved!


Sharon said...

Great quilt and a precious photo!

Melissa said...

Thanks Sharon! It's great knowing something you made is loved so much :)

Anonymous said...

She's adorable (so is the quilt) and looks so comfortable!

Foxgrl said...

She looks so cozy...and the quilt is beautiful!


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