Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillow Complete...

Tooth Fairy Pillow
and waiting for a tooth. 

I was at a retreat this weekend and was able to work on this little pillow which took far too long to complete. Leave it to me to make a rectangle shape pillow complicated! The corners ended up being too pointy and weird so I unstuffed it and slightly curved the corners and tried again. My mom is an expert stuffer after years of making dolls but I've never been able to stuff things to my satisfaction. I wish she'd been there to help me out (and to have fun sewing with). But I finally stitched it up and called it GOOD. If I make another, I'll round the corners more and maybe even try rounding out the sides a bit.
Tooth Fairy Pillow - Close
Both fabrics are Echino from Kokka which is a bit pricey but they were the perfect color and I wanted something special knowing she'd use it for a few years. She picked out the pony print over the bird, squirrel, bunny and flowers.

When I showed the finished pillow to Jenna she had this puzzled look on her face. She thought it would be tooth shaped. I was surprised because I didn't think she'd ever seen a tooth fairy pillow before. I showed her how the tooth would go in the pocket and that she could leave the fairy a note and a stick of gum in the pocket (which were her requirements) and she rolled with it.

When I taught first grade I had sweet little children wiggling their teeth for me on daily basis. I used to dream of my teeth falling out! So I just couldn't bring myself to go with the tooth shape. I'll make her a little tooth shaped note paper from cardstock to write a message to the Tooth Fairy so she'll have a touch of the tooth theme.
Pillow ribbon

We are still having gloomy, snowy, rainy weather so I had a hard time getting a good photo of the ribbon. I found it in my stash of scrapbook supplies and loved the color and the texture.

Now we're waiting for those first couple of teeth to wiggle out. I can't believe we're at that stage already. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were standing in my Mom and Dad's living room, getting ready to head back to Kansas and I felt her first tiny little tooth breaking through her gum. She was four months old!


randi---i have to say said...

such a cute little pillow!

Sharon said...

So adorable!

~The Bargain Babe said...

So pretty! I love the sweet little tooth fairy pillow. :)


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