Wednesday, March 16, 2011


March Stack of Books
My sister and I had a long chat on the phone yesterday and we eventually got around to books. We both love fiction, cookbooks and sewing books and I can hardly wait until she comes to visit so we can flip through some of our recent favorites together.
March Stack of Books - close

I've always been a huge reader but lately my fiction reading has slowed waaaay down in favor of quilting blogs, magazines and books. This is just one of several growing stacks around my house.
Sticker Dolls

This series of books is a favorite lately for keeping little hands busy in the studio while I'm sewing.
Sticker Dolls Play

The sewing machine has been quiet for almost a week but I've been working through a stalled project (gathering information, asking questions). I have some chicken blocks on the agenda for tomorrow night. Yes, chicken blocks :)

I'd love to hear your suggestions for some good books to check out and activities to keep a 5 year old happily occupied.


JCnNC said...

I have a basket of scraps waiting to be cut up into 5" squares or strips of different sizes; leftover blocks waiting to be put away; and other little pieces. DH cut pieces of wood 18x20, I covered with batting and flannel and now when the 5-yo great grand twins are over they "make" their own quilts on "their" portable design walls. Judy C

Foxgrl said...

I love that calendar! Random observation.


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