Monday, May 30, 2011

Back From Camping...

 Hi Everyone! I left Thursday night for a camping trip and just returned. Laundry's started and camping supplies are tucked back in the garage waiting for the next go around. We went back to our old stomping grounds from our high school and college days, Milford Lake. That was our home base for several little day trips in the surrounding area this weekend.
We took Jenna to the Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure just outside of Salina, KS. Lots of unusual animals and such a great setting. For dinner, we stopped at Salina's famous Cozy Inn to sit at the six stool counter and enjoy a few tiny Cozy Burgers. Yum!
On Saturday we visited Old Abilene Town. It was a bit of a let down with so many buildings in disrepair. We rode a stagecoach, watched a staged gunfight and saw a steam engine roll into town. It was a good time but we felt like the town could have presented a lot more information about the history of the area and buildings. Jenna was entertained so it was a success.
I took this photo out of a window in one of the old log cabin churches in town and discovered when I went outside that the fence contained a small cemetery. 
This headstone was a reminder of how wild Kansas was at one time.
I tried to get a little hexagon sewing accomplished by the fire last night but the smoke kept blowing my way. So my little helper and I moved to the table, but the wind picked up. I settled for working on them on the drive home today. I'm so excited about the project I'm planning with them! 
But first I need to finish hand stitching the binding on these two quilts. Hopefully, I'll have a little time tomorrow to work on them as we wrap up the holiday weekend. 

I've REALLY enjoyed reading all of your comments from the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway post about how you all planned on spending this or the past weekend whether it was Memorial Day weekend, Victoria Day weekend or even a regular weekend where ever you are! I had originally planned on responding to all of your lovely comments but at 275 comments, I was a bit overwhelmed and then I was out in the sticks with no cell phone coverage! I've read every single comment though. Now I'm enjoying peeking at your blogs. So much fun!

Stacy from Paint.Sew.Create was the pattern winner and I was able to drop it in the mail Thursday on my way out of town. Thank you all for playing along!


randi---i have to say said...

this looks like such a nice weekend!

Sharon said...

I grew up in Salina and was there for a few hours this weekend. But I didn't get a Cozy, unfortunately. You certainly crammed a lot into your time!


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