Thursday, September 16, 2010

The 7 Minute Shopping Trip & a Giveaway

Last summer I was exploring Estes Park, CO with my family and we needed to stop for gas before he headed up into the park. As my husband pulled into the gas station, I noticed a little quilt shop in the strip mall next door. I told him I'd be back in a minute and sprinted across the parking lot to take a peek. 

I calculated how much gas was already in the car and how long it would take to fill it. I knew I had to move fast. I have a very patient husband but waiting at a quilt shop when mountains are within sight would be just to much to ask!
I opened the door to the little shop and was immediately blown away. Wonderland by Momo is like nothing I'd ever seen before and I was so excited. I did a quick scan of the all the fabric in the store and kept coming back to Wonderland. I knew i didn't have time to pick out the prints I loved the most (I take a looonnnng time choosing fabric). I did notice they had a quilt made up and you could get a kit. I swooped it up, hustled to the counter and was out the door in 7 minutes.

Well, that pattern and kit have been sitting in my closet for over a year now. I'm evaluating my stash and projects to see what's holding me up and I think I finally figured this one out. 

I love quilts with lots of different fabrics. This one has charm size options to cut out. I love the whimsical red fabric with the little animal silhouettes. Red is one of my favorite colors. I love the polka dots.The pattern is darling. Can't wait to use rickrack on a project. 
But when it comes down to it, I've made a little quilt with a similar pattern (big middle square of fabric with little squares surrounding it - still unfinished by the way).  And while i love that red woodland fabric with the animals, I can't picture using it in the middle for the flowers. I like the fabric and the pattern but not the choices someone else made for me on how to put it all together.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm taking the kit apart, cutting apart the little charms and mixing it into my stash. I think I'll have a much better chance of using it that way. I already have an idea of where to use a few of the pieces. 

And since I've made a quilt top similar to this pattern, I'm going to pass this one along to one of you! Leave a comment telling me about a fabric you love but haven't cut into yet and why. What's holding you up? I'll choose a comment at random on Tuesday afternoon, Sept 21 to receive the pattern.


Fiesta said...

Melissa thank you for the chance to win. You are too funny but lucky to see a quilt shop by a gas station. I have a layer cake of Nell by Moda that I do not want to cut into but I know that I should.

Barbara Myltschenko said...

Ohhh we alll have that one fabric don't we! Mine is some Amy Butler Lotus red dot. A friend bought me 2 yards for my birthday and I can't bear to use any of it but I'm also dying to make myself a really nice camera strap. We will see if in brave enough to use it.

Nancy said...

I love the 7 minute shopping trip. I have been know to do it myself. I have several forms of Breath of Avignon and just can't cut until I'm sure I have the perfect pattern for it. I keep changing my mind!

Jen said...

That fabric is gorgeous! I can see how you would have a tough time cutting into it! I can't believe you were on and put in 7 minutes! Even if I know exactly what I want, I still rake at least a half an hour!

WvHmmngbrd said...

What a creative giveaway! I like your thinking! I have saved the different Fairy Frost fabrics and just can't seem to find the right use for them yet!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

Anonymous said...

For the last year I have been buying up all the Floragrahix I can in the purple and blue hues. Between both hues I probably have 10 yards. I hav a pattern and everything in mind. Just can't bring myself to pull it out and start cutting into it. LOVE this fabric.

Katrina said...

Adorable fabric, Melissa! With my little ones, it seems like 7 minutes is about average! :)
I have some gorgeous hand-dyes from a friend of mine that have been in my stash for 7 years, but they are just too pretty to use on just any ol'quilt! :)Maybe now with a little girl, they'll have a new life sometime in the near future

Jackie said...

I love the 7 minute shopping trip! We're in BYW together, I just found your blog. I'm so excited to find so many quilters in the group! Way cool.


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