Monday, August 30, 2010

Explore the World

It's so easy to get into auto-pilot mode as I go about my day to day activities. I see things fresher when I go on vacation. I'm so excited to be immersed in new surroundings and I just soak in the details, trying to savor and remember each moment. Then I go back home and try to get back into that comfortable routine and the details start to blur. So I'm challenging myself to look around and explore the world around me. Visit places nearby that I haven't been to and photograph or sketch the details that inspire me.

I had a chance to run a few errands alone this weekend and decided to run into the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence. I may have visited once in the last twenty years but I certainly don't remember. There's a quilt exhibit there and thought I'd pop in for a few minutes to check it out. As I looked for parking, I drove by this garage set into a hill and something about it made me catch my breath. I knew I needed a photo! Of course, I'd taken my camera out of my purse for one reason or another. My iphone camera would have to do. 

The exhibit at the museum was small but interesting. On the way out, I almost missed a small exhibit across from the gift shop. It was a quilting project that a middle school class created using literature as inspiration for small wall quilts. They were amazing, and it was so interesting to read the students' comments on the process. I don't think they will be on display for very much longer but if you have a chance check it out.

My iphone camera also captured a potential hexagon layout the other day. I snapped a picture to remember some of the options I tried. I'm trying to decide now whether to take the time to hand applique the hexagons onto the background or just do it by machine. I like the look of hand applique better but it'll take so much longer. And I plan on letting Jenna use this as a doll quilt. Hmmm. We'll see....


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