Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hooked on Hexies!

While I was in TN, my sister took me to the AQS Quilt Show in Knoxville. We had a grand time and I was amazed at the variety and quantity of quilts. The vendor area was fun to walk through too. PaperPiecing.com was demonstrating how to make hexies and I was fascinated to see it in person. I decided to buy some templates to give it a try. My sister, mom and I watched a CD from McCall's magazine to see a different way to make them. They are so fun and easy! It's amazing how fast they go together. It is true that they are addicting. I really like the method we use because you don't get the thread on the front side.

I put most of these together on a trip out to CO and back. I've got a nice little kit set up and I won't travel without it now.

This red and blue is my favorite flower so far. I'll be making these into a doll quilt for my daughter. I'm pretty excited to look for the background fabric. I think gray would look nice but I don't know if I should try something with a little more color since it's for a 4 year old girl. I'll just have to play a bit.

**ETA: The fabric here is Urban Chicks 1974.

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Leila said...

I love your hex flowers!
Those Paperpeices gals got to me last fall at the Des Moines quilt show. :) Now I am in the middle of making a queen sized Grandmother's Flower Garden. It's addicting!


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